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About Joanna Nicola

Joanna Nicola is a consultant, developer of the Nicola Method for high conflict and author of The Nicola Method Workbook. This method shows you easy techniques that let you reverse the negative behaviors of high conflict personalities.

Traits of Borderline Personality Disorder in High Conflict Women

There seems to be a nearly epidemic proportion of women who, although perfectly functional in their everyday lives, engage in behaviors that are very similar to those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Some of them act in a perfectly normal way in all areas other than their romantic relationships. […]

Welcome to the Nicola Method Blog

If you are looking for answers to why high-conflict women act the way they do, this blog will be your go-to guide. The Nicola Method Blog is a place where you can find practical solutions that work to stop high-conflict behavior in any area of your life. You will […]