high conflict behavior

Consultation Services

Although I am still not taking on any more private clients I have decided to offer consultation through email. I will be charging $35.00 per email.

If you are interested in consultation you can email me with some information about the area you would like consultation on at NicolaMethod@gmail.com. If I feel I am able to help you I will send you back an email with a PayPal payment option on it.

Here are the areas that I am offering consultation on:

High Conflict Relationships
Difficult People
Healing From Breakups With Partners With Traits of BPD
Parental Alienation
Partners of Individuals With Traits of BPD
Conflict-Free Marriage
Controlling In-Laws
Anger Management
Insecure Relationship Partners
Emotional Abuse

During this time of transition I have been involved in an ongoing effort to make available all of the techniques of the Nicola Method through self-help blog posts and The Nicola Method Workbook For Partners of High Conflict Women which can be accessed as a free download on this website.

I am still always available for a quick email response to any questions or concerns that my readers may have about any subject matter covered in my blog. Please feel free to email me at any time for a free response at NicolaMethod@gmail.com.