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If you are looking for answers to why high-conflict women act the way they do, this blog will be your go-to guide. The Nicola Method Blog is a place where you can find practical solutions that work to stop high-conflict behavior in any area of your life. You will find clear explanations of high-conflict behavior and instructions for techniques that anyone can use.

These techniques work to lower conflict in interactions with people ranging from slightly annoying acquaintances to those with full-blown personality disorders. There will also be a category for low-conflict couples who are interested in learning how to use the Nicola Method to overcome common issues many partners encounter. These issues, if not addressed, over time can erode even the most stable marriages.

One of the most important aspects of learning to lower conflict in your relationships is understanding the basic mechanics of anger between people. When you discover what is at the heart of each highly-charged interaction, the solutions that this method provides will make sense. As you begin to apply these simple techniques in your own life, you will experience a different understanding about conflict which will allow you to realize that overcoming even the most challenging high-conflict behavior is possible.

The Myths Behind Female Emotionality

This blog will be addressing many of the myths surrounding female emotionality that may have been keeping you from realizing that you could change your situation. As we dispel these myths and then take a closer look at the real issues that lie underneath anger between all individuals, you will learn that patterns such as control, manipulation, emotional abuse, bullying, and many of the other emotional games people play are not, as you may have been told, rigid patterns that cannot be overcome without years of treatment.

Instead you will see that they are nothing more than bad habits consisting of common defense mechanisms that can easily be dismantled once the simple dynamics that drive all conflict are understood. These dynamics apply to all kinds of situations, and you can even use them to make sense of your own emotions when you are in a temporary state of high conflict.

As we explore conflict in all of its forms, we will be covering topics such as high-conflict behavior of women in relationship, male/female emotionality differences, how to identify emotional abuse, Cluster B personality disorders, emotional dysregulation, and the nature of defense mechanisms.

Some of these subjects may sound complex, but you will come to find that these labels are merely technical words for natural human processes that anyone can understand. With a clear and simple explanation of what is really going on in the mind of the person that is causing you pain, you will find that even some of the most extreme behaviors of high-conflict personalities can be stopped.

Learning The Method

Although these blog posts will be full of information that explains why people with high-conflict personalities act the way they do, you can be assured that you will also be getting plenty of practice at using some of the emotion-lowering techniques that the Nicola Method has to offer, making your experience more meaningful and interactive than simply a series of lectures on the nature of high conflict.

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