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Learn How To Lower Conflict
In Any Relationship
With The Nicola Method

What Is the Nicola Method

The Nicola Method is a series of techniques that allows you, without any additional communication skills or training, to resolve complex conflicts that are usually only successfully taken on by seasoned communicators. How does it do this? By supplying you with the language that all people need to hear in order to let their defenses down.

These phrases are designed to make people want to resolve issues because they truly believe you care about them in the way every person wants to feel cared about. For those people who do not have your best interest in mind you will be given phrases that foil their plans to deceive or manipulate you for their own purposes.

You will be given language that has been developed to calm high emotions, break through defenses, to stop controlling behavior in its tracks and to overcome fear and insecurity. When you use this language to resolve conflicts you will be getting to the root of every complaint leaving both people feeling good and ensuring that the complaint stays resolved.

Some of the language will use simple psychology that gives you just the right words to get you back on the side of a person who may be seeing you as the enemy. Some of the language will be based on neurology allowing you to change neurological states of high emotion that many people find themselves unable to get out of referred to as emotional dysregulation. You will find that the techniques you will be learning will be powerful enough to calm the emotions of an individual suffering from a personality disorder as easily as it calms down your friend who has had a bad day at work.

You will learn language that allows you to break down the defense mechanisms used by bullies and tyrants and even ex-spouses bent on revenge as well as your teenaged children or your mother-in-law. Using a simple phrase designed just for this purpose, you will be able to put an immediate stop to any manipulative or controlling behavior. You can learn also learn more advanced techniques that show you how identify the real issue behind any complaint or accusation along with the language you need to overcome the hard feelings caused by insecurity or defensiveness.

Using this unique combination of neurology and psychology the Nicola Method allows you to end conflict in your relationships with friends, family, ex-spouses, co-workers, clients and all the difficult people who you might encounter in your daily life. You will find these techniques to be invaluable in allowing you to navigate through any challenging situation with ease.

Try It Out For Yourself

The introductory guide is a free flip-book publication that you can read right here on the Nicola Method website. It will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the Nicola Method works to lower conflict. You will be given instructions on how to use some of the basic tools from the Nicola Method so you can try them out and see if the method is right for you.

The guide will teach you about positive triggers and verbal conflict-reducers and how they can be used to lower conflict in any situation. Using the basic tools from the method you will find out how to lower another person’s emotional state or to stop anyone who you feel might be trying to insult, control, or manipulate you. For a PDF or mobile version of the intro guide click here: MOBILE PDF INTRO GUIDE.

To learn the full Nicola Method with the use a free self-help ebook, you can download the Nicola Method Workbook. To learn the method in a private setting with a program developed to fit your specific high conflict situation, you can schedule a series of consultation sessions with Joanna Nicola, the developer of the method.