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High conflict women in relationship face very specific challenges that must be addressed in order for them to be able to function in a healthy way with their partners. The Nicola Method Workbook for partners of high conflict women gives you all of the tools you will need to overcome each of these challenges. There is nothing to sign up for, simply click on the blue button below.

Here is what a reader had to say about the Nicola Method Workbook:

“Last night I used the ‘when you said that it made me feel like you thought I did something wrong’ line. It worked!!! It totally defused the situation. Her response was to playfully joke about what she said, which totally de-escalated. It’s quite possible your techniques will save our relationship. I will continue reading the workbook. Thank you so much.”

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the nicola method workbook

Using the Nicola Method Workbook

The Nicola Method Workbook is a self-help workbook that teaches you what is behind your partner’s negative behavior and how to stop those behavior patterns. You will learn the language of high emotion and how to identify and resolve the hidden issues that keep your partner locked into the emotional state that drives the conflict in your relationship.

Why it Works

The Nicola Method is based on very simple concepts of both neurology and psychology. However, you will not be expected to understand the psychological and neurological changes that will be taking place in your partner as her emotions are lowered by the phrases you use. The method has been designed to work whether you understand it or not and it will also work regardless of whether your partner wants to change or even believes there is a problem with her behavior. All of the language has been developed for you to use in a way that sounds completely natural and fits the situation appropriately so that it is not necessary to disclose to your partner that you are using a method.

How to Use the Tools

You will be given all of the phrases necessary to lower the emotion during high-conflict episodes. You will also be given phrases that stop insults and any derogatory behavior your partner displays towards you. Finally you will be taught how to identify the hidden concern behind each of your partner’s outer complaints which you can resolve with language that has been developed to overcome defenses and reestablish the trust necessary for a healthy and supportive relationship.